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A shock of blue flowers on Baptisia australis in May.. 0

Wild Blue Indigo

Wild blue indigo functions as a native nitrogen fixer in our Asian pear tree guild. A fast growing perennial that offers early flowers and shelter for pollinators, it’s inedible to humans and deer alike,...

Honeybees at the Little House on Pine 0


Honeybees marked my first venture into livestock and have taught me a lot about how life works. I highly recommend keeping backyard bees for anyone who enjoys local honey, communing with wildlife, and watching...

Horseradish in bloom. Permaculture guild with cherry tree. 0


With sweetly scented flowers that attract pollinators and pungent leaves that confuse pests, horseradish makes a great edible necklace around fruit trees. An easy-to-grow culinary plant, I harvest the leaves to use in making...