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Horseradish in bloom. Permaculture guild with cherry tree. 0


With sweetly scented flowers that attract pollinators and pungent leaves that confuse pests, horseradish makes a great edible necklace around fruit trees. An easy-to-grow culinary plant, I harvest the leaves to use in making...

Little House on Pine okra plant. 0


Okra makes an outstanding herbaceous canopy layer that provides light shade for interplanted annuals like lettuce and sweet potato, wind protection for peppers, and is certain to attract pollinators. Common Name: Okra, ladies’ fingers,...

Honeybees adore Jerusalem artichokes at the Little House on Pine. 0

Jerusalem Artichokes

Having read about the value of Jerusalem artichokes in permaculture books, I planted a few tubers from the grocery store. The next summer I had three stands of sunchokes with beaming yellow rays beloved...