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A plant that prefers damp areas, we planted turtlehead in the wettest area of our native rain garden. 0


Like its reptile namesake, turtlehead prefers damp woodland soils and can often be spotted by creeks and marshes. Native east of the Mississippi River (excepting Florida and Louisiana), turtlehead attracts pollinators aplenty. Common Name:...

Daffodil planted near a cherry tree. 0


Beyond the burst of spring color, daffodils indicate how microclimates vary across a neighborhood or in sections of a yard. When planted as a border they offer a barrier against predation from mammals. A...

Button bush attracts pollinators to the garden. 0


Button bush captured my imagination with its wily spiked spheres covered in bees and butterflies during a summer stroll at Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge. It was one of the first plants I introduced to...