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Lentil burgers with homemade bread and sweet potato fries will warm up any cold winter night. 0

Lentil “Burgers”

I don’t like lentils. I love the idea of them–packed with protein, an excellent storage legume, and we could even grow them ourselves! Now that I have stocked our pantry with lentils and want...

Homemade chicken broth, full of flavor and nutrients! 0

Homemade Chicken Broth

Homemade chicken broth is a great way to benefit from all of those wonderful nutrients in the bones, giblets, and chicken scraps that didn’t quite make it into your meal. The broth is a...

Silicone baking cups used to freeze bone broth. 0

How to Freeze Bone Broth

I stored bone broth in the freezer by filling mason jars 3/4 to the top, till one day a thawing jar cracked and embedded tiny slivers of glass in the broth. Major bummer. But the mishap opened...