How to Sprout Almonds

Freshly roasted almonds crack and hiss as the steam releases.

How to Sprout Almonds

For a few years as a vegetarian, I turned to almonds as a source of protein. While I’ve since exchanged vegetarianism for diverse local foods, almonds remain one of the few faraway foods that...

Summer harvest casserole, fresh from the oven 0

Summer Harvest Casserole

A favorite go-to here on Pine. A great way to incorporate some of those veggies that have been sitting on your counter and it is so divine. Summer Harvest Casserole Print Recipe Adapted from Long...

Lemon pepper dressing in a mason jar. 0

Lemon Pepper Dressing

A punchy salad dressing blending the tang of lemon, bite of pepper, and savoriness of garlic for a full-bodied flavor. Makes about 3/4 cup. This is a perfect complement to a fennel salad. Lemon Pepper...