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Ginger carrots. 0

Ginger Carrots

I first tried ginger carrots made by Amish dairy farmer who introduced me to kefir. Once I successfully started making my own kefir with his excellent milk, I carefully siphoned whey that separated from...

Kefir cheese 0

Kefir Cheese and Whey

After training my kefir grains to make coconut milk kefir and ginger ale, I learned that my favorite live culture ferment had more to offer. Kefir cheese, also called kefir laban (a.k.a. laben, labnah, labni), unlocked new realms of local and probiotic recipes....

Gently stir the kefir to separate the kefir grains from the cultivated milk. 0

Making Kefir

My passion for fermentation started with kefir. I first heard about kefir in the 2010 documentary The Whole Truth about Raw Milk, and shortly thereafter began buying quarts of it from an Amish farmer....