Category: Beneficial Insects

The hover fly, sometimes called flower flies, or syrphid flies, resembles a bee at first glance. A beneficial insect in the garden, its larvae feed on aphids. It is pictured here on a comfrey leaf. 0

Hover Flies

In their larval stage, hover flies keep aphid populations under control. As adults, they provide pollination services to flowers. The distinct coloration and patterning of hover flies makes them easily recognizable as bee mimics....

Assassin bug (wheel bug) on a red maple leaf. 0

Assassin Bugs

Assassin bugs are generalist predators that feed on a range of herbivorous insects as nymphs and adults. Avoid handling them, as they use their long beaks to inflict defensive damage. Common Names: Assassin bug,...

The two-spotted stink bug is a type of predatory stink bug (like the spined soldier bug), a generalist predator that feeds on herbivorous insect pests. 0

Predatory Stink Bugs

Predatory stink bugs, including the spined soldier bug and two-spotted stink bug, are powerhouse generalist predators in the garden, feeding on pests as both nymphs and adults. Common Names: Spined soldier bug, two-spotted stink...