Pine Street 101

Welcome to the Little House on Pine, a homestead working toward simple self-reliance. We’re learning how to live in accord with the natural world, striving to produce more than we consume. We garden, raise animals, and preserve food. We enjoy cooking with local ingredients and immerse ourselves in a place of growing wonder.

Meet Shane

A childhood searching for wildlife in woods—combined with a love of stories in literature and films—opened a path toward environmental consciousness. I enjoy cooking, gardening, running, sharing skills, and seeking an active knowledge of the world. Here’s how I transitioned from English to ecology.

Meet Kathy

I grew up on a small backyard farm, where we had a motley crew of chickens, a pig, miniature ponies and a horse, Jersey heifers, rabbits, cats, and a dog.  In college, I pursued a course that blended environmental studies with history and led to research opportunities around the world. Having completed an apprenticeship at Colchester Farm, I’m helping to establish a farmstead using permaculture principles.


Education and Training

Energy Conservation

Intentional Living


2 Responses

  1. Liz Hammond says:

    Shane, thanks so much for letting us tromp around your property. It was truly fabulous, and I have checked out permaculture on the internet. It’s fascinating. Hope we can see more of your place in the future! Also, your website is great! Liz Hammond

    • Shane says:

      Yay! Thanks for visiting and exploring! There’s more to see in the spring and summer, so you’ll have to return! And holler anytime you want to talk permaculture 🙂

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